Advantages and Disadvantages of Garage Floor Coating

Garage floor Coating includes epoxy paint, floor paints, stains and sealers. Generally, if you apply coating by yourself it costs less.  The Garage floor Coating protects against stains, corrosive chemicals and moisture penetration. But coatings can fail for two reasons. First, damp concrete and incomplete floor prep. Secondly, Garage floor Coating can’t be used where ground moisture rises and keeps it consistently damp. Moisture prevents the coating from sticking to the concrete so that it soon delaminates, chips and flakes. That’s why it’s critical to test your concrete slab before you apply a coating as it is the main disadvantage of coatings and it requires several hours of careful floor prep. Depending on how dirty your floor is, this can include cleaning with a pressure washer using solvents  to remove any sealers, grease or previous coatings. You need to repair cracks, holes and finally the concrete with muriatic acid to leave it completely clean and penetrable.

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