Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Flooring plays a major role in adding aesthetic beauty to the interior of any building. Flooring reflects the mark of any organization. Appropriate, decent, cost effective flooring adds value without compromise. We guide our clients in flooring solutions that is appropriatefor buildings and can make heads turn with our skills. We offer flooring solutions which are easy to clean and maintain, is durable and inexpensive, free from dampness andis fire resistant.

We offer a wide range of services like flooring for houses, residential buildings, Industrial plants, hospitals, commercial buildings, Educational institutions, Offices, which in turn can be classified under various categories like normal flooring, medium flooring and heavy duty flooring. We also provide complete solution for all Industrial Epoxy Flooring needs, Domestic Epoxy flooring and coating needs.

Zebra Crossing:

We also undertake government projects to be of service to people. A Zebra Crossing is a set of stripes on the road to help the pedestrians cross the road safely. Zebra crossings are permanent markings on the roads which have to be long lasting and must not be washed away in the rainy season. We take utmost care on its durability and use proper solvents and paints to do the job.

Permanent Aisle Marking:

We are experts in yellow permanent floor markings. These improve the look of the floor and need skilled execution as they have to be aligned properly and given a proper finish for best results.

Polyurethane wall coating:

Polyurethane wall coatings protect the wall from moisture and aggressive substances and physical damages. We guarantee crack free walls and offer durable solutions to suit your requirements.

Normal, Medium, and Heavy duty flooring for Industries:

We offer normal, medium and heavy duty flooring solutions that are best suited for industries. We endeavor to source best quality materials from across the globe and carry out our own testing and research at our facility before offering suitable solutions to our clients.Our rich experience and quality products give long lasting solutions which offer good value for money.

Solvent less Floor Coating:

Unique Solvent less Floor Coating solutions are provided by us for a very reasonable price.

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